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Jewelry of the Victorian Era

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Much beautiful jewelry was created during the enthusiasm reign of Queen Victoria. People who examine the romance of jewelry divide the Victorian eras jewelry into three styles: from 1837, when the Queen came to the throne, to 1860; then from 1860 to 1885; then from 1885 to 1901, when her reign gone with her death

Jewelry of the Victorian Era

Jewelry of the Victorian Era

The peak spell was dominated by jewelers like Robert Phillips and Pugin Pugin liked a faux-Gothic fashion that manifested in necklaces and manacles with medallions jell with tiny precious and semi-precious stones Much of Europe during the title were further enamored of coral, ivory, jet and topaz. Cameos were thumping popular, and Queen Victoria was especially fond of them, and encouraged their productionVictorian jewelers were further inspired by humour and there are examples of diamond pins fashioned after sprays of flowers, or leaves The snake device was besides popular, and showed up as cuffs and rings The Queen owned many beautiful examples of snake bracelets and rings herself. Topaz and amethyst stones were often inlaid with diamonds or rubies to bring out their proficient colorsJet, which is a fossilized wood, was further popular, and became even additional so with the death of the Queens husband She was in mourning for the delay of her life, and so wore much jet jewelry Moreover, she made her court wear jet as well. Before the Prince Consort’s death, many Victorian jewelers displayed their wares at the Great International Exhibition Many of the gems were not only sumptuous, but tidily made Morel and Company had a diamond and ruby design that could be separated and the pieces worn as fellow brooches Victorias court jeweler, Garrad, had a separate domain at the manifest where he displayed jewelry made of diamonds, sapphires, pearls, opals and rubies Garrad had already made Victorias crown for her coronationThe Queen herself dressed up for this exhibition She wore a diamond gleam diadem and a infrequently crown, and a mammoth many diamondsThe years after 1860 saw a vast augment in Victorian jewelry. Designers borrowed from Scottish, Celtic and Oriental themes and sporting jewelry moreover became fashionable. This jewelry had sporting motifs, like tiny tennis uproar brooches with a gem for a tennis ball, and horses made out of flag diamonds with enameled gold tack After this, white treasure like diamonds and pearls became haunting Designers continued to be inspired by nature, with brooches and earrings fashioned after not only roses and violets but insects and beetles. Many productive ladies wore parures, which were seven or eight selfsame pieces of jewelry, chiefly in diamonds, which had been discovered in large quantities in South Africa By the final of Victorias reign Art Nouveau jewelry was impartial inception to be popular, but the classic Victorian styles never went quite out of favor .

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